Original Article: https://daytonatimes.com/2017/10/12/hip-hop-entrepreneur-opens-one-stop-shop-in-bunnell/

David Freckleton’s 27th birthday this past December was the turning point of launching his own one-stop shop.

All of his ducks had lined up with the realization that his passion for urban wear, recording and photography were already earning him raves that could be profited by owning his business.

His friends would ask him: Where were your shirt, watch and hat purchased?

He answered that his urban wear – or hip-hop clothing that the generation today is wearing – was purchased in Daytona, Orlando or St. Augustine. These hot items were unavailable for purchase in Flagler County.

A light bulb popped in David’s head! He began thinking of how to keep the money in our community.
He took on the brand of owning his name.

Started Best Vibes
He signed on to owning his name, copyrighting it as Best Vibes Entertainment because he maintains, “I feel wherever you are, you want to have the best buys.”

The hip-hop entrepreneur markets shea butter, African black soap, aloe butter, body lotion, and coco butter – “all natural stuff,” he affirms.

The older and hip-hop generations have bought into his brand of purchasing women’s and men’s fragrances and women’s and men’s clothing. David makes custom-made T-shirts for family reunions.

He parlayed his original idea of owning a clothing store into owning recording and photography studios as well.

Music master too
As he scouted to find a location to set up his business, he could see potential in having a studio where artists, producers and promoters can book studio time to make recordings as the calling cards to gigs. He helps young and old alike discover their hidden talents.

David says that folks have visions but sometimes they do not take risks or a leap of faith. He says you cannot jump and expect things to automatically happen. He says you must work hard.

Music for David is his life. His friends again began asking him: Who recorded you? He’s a mix-master and an artist in the studio, who has made a splash as a vocalist and comedian in Tampa.

“People that watched me would become amazed of how I could make things sound,” he said, “and how I could make things sound on recordings.”

Started early
He started singing as a child. He credits Flagler Palm Coast High School Chorus Director Amy Fulmer with helping him learn how to use his voice.

David got “buzz” growing up knowing lots of people, and scoring as a deejay and rapping.He credits longtime friend/rapper Troy Reddin with talent and “having juice.”

David attests to keeping folks positive because after graduation from high school, he earned a degree in Human Services and a minor in psychology.

He is the son of retired Army Colonel/New York Department of Corrections warden Lloyd J. Freckleton and Dr. Deborah Freckleton, assistant professor of English and Social Sciences at Bethune-Cookman University.

His dad is from Jamaica. His mom was born on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Photos and videos
In the same vision of owning a recording studio, David could see the photography studio. He started using his iPhone to enhance his music with videos.

People began asking him which camera had he used. He replied to using his iPhone.

When the technology changed, he started shooting his music videos with a camera that had better resolution and clarity. The technology of today’s cell phone is better than when he first started.

David steps into the spotlight and takes pictures for weddings, communions, funerals, graduations, holiday cards, businesses and promos.

David’s one-stop shop was launched a little over two months ago. He is located in Marvin’s Garden, 4601 East Moody Boulevard in the F-8 storefront in Bunnell. The shop is open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The phone number for Best Vibes Entertainment is 386-439-9661.